Friday, 19 November 2010

Friday's are best.

Happy Harry Potter weekend! Have you been to the cinema yet? I went yesterday afternoon with some of my old high school friends and we LOVED it! So, so good. In terms of being true to the book it was the truest of the last ones (I think even the truest of the series, so far). Also found the parallel with the 2nd World War very visible, more so than on the book. Really impressed to be honest.
So today, because of the Nato Summit in Lisbon, my classes were cancelled. I was only having a 3hour module on fridays that ended this week, so today was like a sneak peek into what my fridays are going to look like from now on.
I had planned to go on a run this morning but as soon as I lifted the head off my pillow I saw the gloomy weather outside. Not nice for a run. Pretty comforting knowing I didn't have to run across town to go to classes :)
I even brought out the workout in the form of a DVD. I mean if I have a day off I need to start getting ready for my 3K race in December, no matter how small it is, right?
But the run won. I haven't run in like a year. And even then it was a feeble attempt at running. I was just never very well prepared and I was always very self-conscious of running out in the open (I live near my old high school, so sometimes I run into people I know :P), so I usually resort to indoor activities.
I ate half a banana before I left to face the mild rain. It's very nice to run in Lisbon, I quite like it... I had a small run of 1.13 miles which I managed to complete in about 15minutes (didn't really time it, per se, but I left home at 8:33 and got back at 8:50, with a leeway for running up and down the stairs to my house, etc.). I think it was actually a good timing given that at the end I have a really steep hill that I had to walk because my legs really weren't up for much else.
By the time I got home and shower, I had two little friends waiting for me:

Tea and oats win me every time for breakfast. By the way, if you have a Lidl nearby you really should get their german oats. SO good! Best quick oats I've found so far... (of course nothing beats real oat groats but it takes me like 3hrs to cook them)

Meanwhile outside the weather doesn't seem to look any better, but the trees look really pretty.
Eggy oats - wholy yum!

Now I'm left with the news (I'm a management major, going to switch to economics next year) and yet more studying... See ya! <3

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