Thursday, 23 September 2010

new life.

Today I was in my driving school's waiting room, wearing my all natural organic cotton sweater because the weather has finally started to cool down, and looking down at my shoes I remembered how my day started: cold feet, restlessness, need to exercise but no time to do so.
Things move along, people pass by me busy with their lives, the leaves start falling down, and overall everyone moves on but for some reason I seem to be stuck once again in this awkward moment or even moving backwards. Nobody said recovering from an eating disorder would be easy, but then again I never imagined it would be so hard - to let go, to open up to life, to let go of some control, to have a teenage mind when I'm used to thinking in such an uptight manner.
So far university has been a painful experience, which only left me missing my old friends terribly. Have they moved on and left me behind? I honestly hope not.

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